A: As specialized lawyers in Greece, we can assist you towards clearing up any estate in Greece issues and formally bringing the title of the inherited assets under your name, according to the pursuant provisions of Inheritance and Estate Law in Greece. We handle all matters for Greeks abroad and for foreign citizens involving property in Greece; also, relatives (either abroad or Greece) passing away in intestacy (without a will) and leaving assets to you, without you ever having to travel to Greece. This includes all translations, certifications, Court probates, tax filings and payment of taxes, preparation of Acceptance of Inheritance Notarial Deed and execution of same, registration of the title under your name at the competent Greek Land Registry Recorder archives.

A: As experienced Greek lawyers, we know that there are differences with regard to U.S. / U.K. / Australian laws and Greek laws for estate planning in Greece. Our Greek law firm has handled hundreds of estates in Greece involving foreign and / or Greek assets. We are experts in structuring Greek gifts and / or tax free sales to minimize Greek inheritance taxes.

A: Our Greek law firm will promptly perform a thorough title search before the competent Land Registry (wherever that might be in Greece) and send you a full report on our findings within one week. Should you wish so, we may also perform an on-site visit at the property; find out its actual status and send you pictures. Finally, upon your relevant request, we can always locate a local appraiser/realtor and have it evaluated. In doing so, we let our clients know at an early stage whether their Estate matter in Greece is indeed worth pursuing.

A: As Greek lawyers, we have handled thousands of purchases and sales of Real Estate in Greece for U.S. and U.K. citizens, Greeks abroad, Greek Americans, Greek Australians and other Greek or non-Greek people from practically every English-speaking community throughout the world, without the individuals having to travel to Greece. This includes title investigations, procuring all necessary documentation required by Greek Real Estate law, representations before Land Registries, Municipalities, Tax Authorities and Estate Courts in Greece; drafting the Conveyance Deed and executing it before a Notary Public.

A: Yes. Our Greek law firm can petition and handle the export of money to the U.S., at the convenience and request of our clients.

A: Our Greek law firm manages hundreds of real estate properties and construction projects in Greece for clients whether they are Greeks abroad or foreign citizens. We provide instant action and response and updates on any such matters. We, as specialized Greek lawyers, can handle Court representation and litigate against the tenants as appropriate (if they are in breach of any agreement, should the lease be terminated and they still remain in the property); we can also secure our clients by preparing and placing into effect leasing agreements which best represent our clients’ interests.

A: Owning property in Greece in an undivided interest share often proves to be a complicated issue (either you are Greeks abroad or foreign citizens), especially when not sharing the same opinion with the rest co-owners on how to develop the property. Our specialized Greek law firm can assist you to make the best out of your share: sell the entire property to a third party and wire-transfer your share of the Sale proceeds; negotiate a “buy-out” option with the other undivided interest share holders or even file for a Court – ordered partition and compulsory auction, in case no mutually acceptable solution can be found.

A:  No! Unfortunately, for many Greeks abroad, it is very often the case that relatives, who claim to “take care” of your real estate in Greece, are actually trying to gain ownership of it, through adverse possession (“squatter’s right”). You should be wary of Greek relatives, residing in or near your property in Greece for a period of 20 years (or in sometimes, even less): all too often, they will end up with the title to the estate, if the situation is not identified in time and defended as appropriate. We, as specialized Greek lawyers, can assist you to protect and preserve your ownership rights: investigate the property and possible adverse possession actions; file for Court-ordered protection of your ownership right, according to the real estate law in Greece, or simply talk to the relatives (if applicable) and have them acknowledge your ownership right in writing (by executing the relevant Statements we prepare, as we have done in many cases for Greeks abroad).

A: We, being specialized lawyers in Greece, can assist you in making the right decision on how to make the most of your ownership, whether you are Greeks abroad or foreign citizens: advise you on the rent / sale value of it; suggest possible development options; and, of course, help you all the way with whatever choice / endeavour you may have. At the same time, we will indicate the tax-wise most favourable structure and treatment, in order to save you on income tax in Greece.

January 2023